Wild Elephant Rampage Kills Man in South India

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STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

An Indian elephant, with a tranquliser dart in its side, brushes past a car as it walks along a street in Mysore on June 8, 2011.

Early Wednesday morning, reports from a New Delhi news channel surfaced of two wild elephants running rampant through the streets of one South Indian suburb.

The Indian elephants roamed into the streets of Indian suburb (Mysore) from a close by forest where the two animals wreaked absolute mayhem on the community.  Reports indicate that one man was killed instantly after being trampled.  On a nearby street, two cows were also killed, as witnessed by a group of onlookers.

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One of the elephants found its way onto the grounds of a nearby college, where it continued to spread panic.

Only after three hours on the loose were local Mysore Zoo officials able to seize and tranquilize both animals.  Witnesses contend that capture of the animals ought to have been a simpler task, were it not for community panic and attempts at attack.  It was also reported that several children caught the elephants by the tail (which may have ultimately instigated the deadly spree). The captured elephants were released back into the wild later that day.

One official attributed the incident to human encroachment into forested areas.  Something, which, as the community can now attest to, forces these wild elephants into neighboring tows in search of food and shelter.

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