From the iPhone to the Kitchen: Rovio to Launch Angry Birds Egg Cookbook

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Thought those birds were angry? Just wait until you start eating their eggs. The masterminds behind the game Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, are publishing a cookbook of egg recipes tied to the hit game. (via Techland)

No matter that tucking in to an Angry Bird omelette directly contradicts the premise of the game: to save the birds’ eggs from being gobbled down by evil green pigs. Rovio’s product branding is no game. “It’s not a hobby,” head of marketing and business development Peter Vesterbacka said. “We have made a lot of money.”|

In addition to luring U.S. iPaddicts into spending 1.2 billion hours launching spheroid avians at the game’s piggy villains, the Swedish company has already sold three million Angry Birds plush toys and 30 million T-shirts. Rovio’s cookbook will be available as an ebook, and will likely be distributed by Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

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The company plans to market the cookbook to families. No word yet on whether it includes a recipe for green eggs and ham.

See more about the book at Techland.