German-U.S. Relations Strengthened…Through Pantsuits

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Like Nickelodeon’s Doug Funnie, Hillary Clinton prefers one uniform to wear while on the job: the famous pantsuit. And the Secretary of State is in good company; German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also a devoted pantsuit fan.

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Before Tuesday’s state dinner, reports Yahoo, the ladies bonded over their mutual fashion sense. Merkel poked fun at Clinton by giving her an unusual gift, a framed copy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper featuring an Associated Press photo of the two leaders during the Secretary of State’s visit to Germany this past April. The photo was of Clinton and Merkel, in their signature pantsuits, captured from the waist down. It featured the caption, “Which one is Merkel and which one is Clinton?”

Merkel took great care to tell Clinton, “you may take it in a playful mode,” but this was unnecessary. Clinton, who frequently jokes about her wardrobe, howled with laughter when she received the gift. Now ladies, go and buy your pantsuits. It is a sure way to bond with the powerful women of the world.

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