Count The Celebrities in Katy Perry’s New Video, ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’

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Who’s in Katy Perry’s new video, you ask? It’s more like who’s not in Katy Perry’s new video. 

The video for the latest single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” shows Perry’s new attempt at comedy character acting (yeah, NewsFeed doesn’t really get it either) where she plays a teenage nerd by the name of Kathy Beth Terry complete with braces, headgear and glasses. The video shows nerdy Terry venture into the unfamiliar world of a high school party, receive a geek-to-chic makeover, disturbingly grope a passed out football player and basically have the time of her life.

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And why was this party so amazing? NewsFeed suspects it has to do with the stellar guest list, starting with the party-throwing, makeover-giving, Friday-loving Rebecca Black (who, thankfully, seems to have gotten over her anxiety over which seat to take). What’s more, Hanson and Kenny G. are performing at this party, which is also attended by some of the people from Glee (but not Chris Colfer or Lea Michelle or Jane Lynch or anyone you’d recognize if you didn’t watch the show). Whew! And if that’s not quite enough celebrity action for you, the 8-minute video ends with Terry being lectured by her once-cool-but-now-square parents Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman (be on the look out for the witty Lost Boys reference).

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Okay so maybe we’re being quick and loose with the word “celebrity” here (note to Perry: a cameo by your hubby Russell Brand would have vastly upped the star factor of this video) and the song itself is seriously annoying (we’d actually rather be listening to Black’s “Friday” on repeat) and don’t even get us started on Katy Perry’s character. But, hey, it’s always nice to see Kenny G. back in action, right? (via The Hairpin)