Watch: The World’s Fastest Toy Car Hits Speeds of 161 MPH

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Kids, be aware; this “toy” car is not an actual toy. The ultra-aerodynamic RC—short for remote controlled—car will whoosh out of your backyard at a blink of an eye.

Many a man’s (and some women’s) childhood obsession has turned into a lifelong mission for this man. Nic Case is the master behind the remote control. It took him six months and $4000 to create Schumacher Mi3. The world’s fastest and most powerful RC car is born out of a handcrafted carbon fiber cassis and powered by 11hp motor and a 12-cell battery pack.

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The video, taken a few years ago, features the Schumacher Mi3 blasting through the Rockingham Dragway, in NC. Don’t blink while watching it. The orange bullet goes out of sight in split second (be prepared at around 00:12). But even if you blinked, you sure can tell its speed by the whizzing sound effect.

So what’s next for Case? Keep your eyes wide open for his new Streamliner. It aims to break the record at 200mph. Yet compared to the world’s fastest full-sized car, the Schumacher and the Streamliner may still be toys. It doesn’t look like the swooshing 763mph, the World Land Speed Record set by the British jet-propelled Thrust SSC (supersonic car) back in 1997 would break anytime soon. (via Generation Concept)

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