Marie Callender’s Restaurant Shuts Down, Kicks Customers Out Mid-Meal

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

From, “How’s the pie?” to, “You have to leave, bye.” A Marie Callender’s restaurant in Seattle was forced to close its doors in the middle of the day, and with customers still eating.

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Marie Callender’s, after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, was forced to abruptly close one of its locations this past weekend.  Witnesses account that the restaurant was teeming with customers when the restaurant’s manager, Matt Chimm, was told to kick patrons out and lock the door. “I thought it was a big joke,” Chimm admitted.  “I still had people in the restaurant.”

Among those caught in the commotion was a birthday party of 25, as well as some of the establishment’s 50 employees.

Norma Pew, a food delivery worker, arrived to pick up an order only to find the place closed.  Pew explained, “I’ve been doing this kind of work for about two or three years.  And the smaller restaurants we see it happen to, but the big chains like this not so often.”

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