Reading While Eating for June 14: Don’t Know Much About History

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Vivek Prakash / Reuters

A man clings to chains suspended from a bridge as he bathes in rapidly flowing waters of the Ganges river in Haridwar June 13, 2011.

Happy Flag Day!  NewsFeed is feeling particularly patriotic today.

Fun Flag Facts (say that five times fast): How well do you know Old Glory? (Cleveland Plain-Dealer)

A Grand Old Flag Dress? Photos of the American flag in fashion. (LIFE)

The Great Debate (Blunders): If you’re the kind of person who watched last night’s GOP debate waiting for a candidate to mess up, then you’ll dig this list of Top 10 Debate Flubs. (TIME)

Some Good Old A Cappella: This rendition of Queen’s “Killer Queen” is so catchy. (The Daily What)

Chewing Gum Creations: A London artist turns litter into street art. (New York Times)

Now Get Back to Work: And break a sweat like this bearded dragon on a treadmill.