Tumblr of the Week: Dads on Vacation

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In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday (quick, go buy your gifts now and thank NewsFeed later!) this Tumblr of the Week celebrates the best part of dads — when they pose for dorky photos on vacation.

Not that you needed any more reminders on why Dads are so great, but just in case you did, Dads on Vacation collects amazing shots of dads doing dad-like things. Like pretending to sit on a cactus. Or imitating danger signs. Or comically posing with ridiculously sized statues. In fact, there’s no end to what sort of antics any given dad is bound to get up to while on vacation; he’s there to let loose.

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And face it, he totally deserves. Don’t wait until Sunday, go call your dad right now and tell him he’s awesome. We’ll wait. (Tumblr)