Hey Ladies: Burger King Japan Has Spam Burgers, Just For You

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David McNew / Getty Images

Burger King thinks it knows women. Under the slogan “what women want, what women get,” it will introduce the mini Spam burgers on June 20. Yes, Spam—the four-letter word does not refer to junk mail in this case, but canned pork jelly. Joked to be “mystery meat” by some, the pinkish hunk of pork meat is considered to be comfort food by others.

Women in the U.S. and Singapore have already tasted the beef and chicken version of the sliders called BK Shots, a name that stirred up a lot of controversy. This month, Burger King targets Japan with BK Bites, renamed and with a new ingredient. But at 174 calories and 15g of fat in a mere 2 oz of Spam, it’s unclear how many weight-conscious women would go for them.

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This fast food chain is not the first to use gender specific marketing. Its archrival McDonald’s had “Man Day” discount in China. Those macho enough to handle two double-decker Big Macs or Bacon Cheese Burgers got the second burger at half-off. The slogan was “Hundred percent pure beef, full of pure man.” (via burgerbusiness.com).

Now back to the ladies, the new BK Bites will come in pairs. The Spam burger come with a BLT mini, and beef and chicken minis make the other duo.

For those of you not in Japan, here’s how you can make one at home. It’s not the BK recipe, but you can super-size it if you’d like.

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