Kid Won’t Nod Off? Have Her Listen to Samuel L. Jackson Read ‘Go the F— to Sleep’

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Francois Durand / Getty

It’s possible that Samuel L. Jackson has the best voice in the motion picture industry today.

Over the past 20 years. we’ve become accustomed to the sound of his don’t f— with me disposition ranging in roles from a fast food stickup guy, to a killer-for-hire, to a Jedi Knight, to a covert government operative badass who only appears after the closing credits.

But now he’s showing us his gentler, yet still profane, side with his narration of Adam Mansbach’s fatherhood opuscule, Go The F— to Sleep.

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It’s probably the funniest children’s adaptation since Richard Pryor recited the alphabet on Sesame Street. Jackson says in the audio that he was drawn to the book by remembering the futility of reading to his daughter in an attempt to lull her into slumber. In surrender, he’d simply tell her “Go the f— to sleep.”

So listen to Jackson’s (offensive) dulcet tones. Then get to sleep already!

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