Of Course, There’s Now an Anthony Weiner Action Figure

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Courtesy HeroBuilder.com

The Anthony Weiner action figure is dressed in underclothes, with the words “Tweet This” displayed on the side of his shorts.

Who would actually buy this?

HeroBuilders.com, an online action figure company, now offers an “anatomically correct” doll in the image of Weiner, the disgraced congressman from New York who admitted he had tweeted explicit photos of himself to several women and repeatedly lied about it.

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The misfit toy looks absolutely nothing like the 46-year-old Weiner, but comes with the proper goods that got him in trouble to begin with. It is dressed in casual underclothes, with the words “Tweet This” displayed next to his [insert exhausted joke here]. Two versions are available: a standard action figure ($39.95) and an adults-only variant ($49.95). Extra toy accessories, which include a stand and blackberry, are sold for $18. The figures, which boast a “new stealth body,” are so popular that the site repeatedly crashed.

The Connecticut-based toy company has carried a range of custom figures that duplicate the political ringleaders of our time: Barack Obama, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein. There’s the “You Don’t Know Dick” Cheney doll. There’s Jesus.

Though the real Rep. Weiner is not as significant as his plastic counterparts, the embattled Dem is facing intense pressure to resign. He is now seeking professional treatment “to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person,” but has not announced what type of treatment.

Though the Weinergate scandal gets worse and weirder by the day, the White House has not asked Weiner to step down. Obama, however, said on Monday: “If it were me, I would resign.”

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