Oh No, Not Canada Too: Northern Politician Also Tweeted a ‘Weiner’ Shot

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Canadian Politician George Lepp's Twitter Account

In what has to be the most unimaginative scandal name ever, “Weinergate North” has afflicted Canada with its sleazy Tweets.

While the fallout of Anthony Weiner’s inappropriate messaging is still happening, we’re getting word that Canadian Conservative political candidate, George Lepp, has also had some lewd internet action of his own — a photo of male genitals was posted to his Twitter account.

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Rather than going with the “hackers” defense that Weiner initially tried to use, according to the GlobalPost, Lepp’s spokespeople are reporting that his Blackberry was taken by “pickpockets,” likely “youth in Anime costumes who were leaving a science fiction convention.” (Lepp also said that he didn’t even know about the photo until his son, who runs his Twitter account, told him.)

While new details might still emerge in the Lepp case, right now it’s easy to see how this entire thing could play out — just go back to last week’s New York headlines. Although, to his credit, Lepp’s story is way more interesting — and everyone knows that “youth in Anime costumes” are always causing trouble. (via GlobalPost)

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