Reading While Eating For June 15: Hot Dogs, Gaga and the Dalai Lama

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Miro Kuzmanovic / Reuters

Cast members are seen at the scenery for the opera 'Andre Chenier' by Italian musician Umberto Giordano on a giant floating stage at Lake Constance in Bregenz June 14, 2011.

Today’s links feature some awesome things in nature (tonight’s lunar eclipse) to some things that just go against nature (turning your hot dog into a doll).

Eclipse Watch: Europeans will be able to view a rare lunar eclipse tonight for nearly two hours, one of the longest in a decade. (National Geographic)

Lady Gaga: Adults don’t understand her, but it’s fun to watch these kids try to figure out what makes Gaga so…Gaga. (GOOD)

Beachgoers: Check out the FDA’s new regulations on sunscreen labeling before you go have fun in the sun. (TIME)

Pretty Pictures: Click through this gallery showcasing the winners of the 2011 Photo Blog Awards. TIME’s LightBox is one of them! (LIFE)

Deep Thoughts: Australian TV journalist told the old “Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop” joke to…the Dalai Lama. (The Daily What)

Weiner Pun of the Day:  Learn how to turn your hot dog into a “Happy Hot Dog Man” doll.  It’s hard to watch this infomercial and not think of the embattled Rep. Weiner. (BuzzFeed)