Press Conference Drama: Anthony Weiner’s Heckler Strikes Again

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Jin Lee / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Anthony Weiner, also known by the online alias "Carlos Danger"

While it wasn’t that surprising that Anthony Weiner announced his resignation at Thursday’s press conference, it was a bit surprising that a heckler was back in the audience.

At Weiner’s press conference last week, a heckler in the audience tossed out questions such as “Are you fully erect?” and “Will you help to support Arnold’s love child?”. The rude (and, some say, hilarious?) questions briefly took some of the heat off of Weiner, as confused reporters and aides wondered who the heckler was. It was shortly revealed to be Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern show who was causing the commotion.

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And Bronk was at it again on Thursday; after Weiner announced he was resigning a gleeful voice in the crowd shouted, “Bye bye, pervert” and, later, “Are you more than seven inches?” (UPDATE: Benjy Bronk has tweeted that though he did shout out questions during the press conference, he was not the one to call Weiner a “pervert”.)

Which is too bad — because not only was it rude and distracting but it also ensured that Weiner wasn’t the biggest schmuck in the room. (via TMZ)

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