Reading While Eating For June 16: The Power of Nature

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Tony Gentile / Reuters

A shadow falls on the moon during a partial lunar eclipse, at the Vittoriano monument on Piazza Venezia in Rome.

NewsFeed is still over the moon about yesterday’s epic lunar eclipse, so today’s links highlight the awe and power of Mother Nature, including an ode to Whole Foods and some sick recycled art.

Eclipse Watch: Check out this photo gallery of 20 amazing eclipses in recent history. (LIFE)

Rap of the Day: There’s nothing more organic than the anger you feel when someone takes your parking space in the Whole Foods parking lot. (The Daily What)

Auto Art: A Pennsylvania man turns old rusty cars into giant sculptures. (AOL Weird News)

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a FLYING KILLER SHARK: These super-predators don’t just lurk under the sea; they jump out of the water to devour their seal prey. Think about that while you’re swimming in the ocean this summer. (National Geographic)

Killer Monkey Moms: You don’t want to talk back to Moms in general, but especially not to the¬†mustached tamarins, which have murderous tendencies. Literally. (TIME)

Houston, We Have a Problem: A kitten gets stuck in a hamster ball and is so darn cute about it. (Huffington Post)