Reading While Eating For June 17: Dads, Monks, and Muppets

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Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

People attend the White Dinner event in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, June 16, 2011. Participants at the dinner, which takes place at a different place in Paris every year, are required to be dressed in white and bring their own food, drink and cutlery to the event.

Today’s links honor Dads for Father’s Day and feature fun news from the entertainment world.

Feral Fathers: A tribute to fathers in the animal kingdom. (Discovery News)

Party Like a First Dad: Young men are throwing “Dadchelor Parties” to celebrate their last days of freedom before their first child arrives. (TIME)

Sexy Dads: Browse this photo gallery of the “Sexiest Dads of Yesteryear.” (LIFE)

Skater Monks: Three filmmakers from the documentary Altered Focus: Burma taught monks how to skateboard in Myanmar. (The Daily What)

Freaky Friday: See Lady Gaga’s latest music video for “Edge of Glory.”  Check out that Cruella de Vil hairdo! (BuzzFeed)

It’s Not Easy Being Green: See the Muppets’ parody of the summer blockbuster Green Lantern, which debuts this weekend. (New York Magazine)