Self-Described ‘Well Educated Person’ Is Also Incredibly Obnoxious

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A rapidly spreading viral video starts after an altercation between the train passenger and the employee has already started. We don’t know how their disagreement got to this point, but we do know that the passenger’s defense—”I am a very well educated person!”—is giving education a bad name.

The employee calmly tells a third party that the female passenger was cursing while talking on the phone (presumably loudly given the volume of her voice during the exchange). The passenger’s response: “I was not cursing. Excuse me. Do you know what schools I’ve been to and how well-educated I am?” This is a compelling argument on her behalf, given that (1) we all know well-educated people never curse and that (2) the train employee should clearly have already been briefed on what schools the passengers attended.

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At this point, of course, the passenger is still on the phone, because everybody knows that carrying on two conversations at once is the only educated thing to do. She ends the conversation by saying, “Bye, babe,” and the employee continues to explain that she asked the passenger to stop using foul language, to take her conversation to the vestibule or to get off the train. The passenger interrupts this to correct what is obviously the misconception at the root of the conflict: “I’m sorry. Do you think I’m a little hoodlum?”

“How dare you think I was being profane,” she continues, using that vocabulary to its fullest, and demands to know what words the employee took offense to. The employee mentions “the f-bomb.” Her response: “From my mouth? Excuse me. Do you know how well educated I am?” And thus the cycle continues. There’s a tense moment when the passenger touches the employee, but eventually everyone leaves the scene. Did they stop the train and kick her off? Was she allowed to stay? Was she truly throwing f-bombs around? It seems we’re left to our best %*&!ing educated guesses.

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