Want to Break Bread with Julian Assange? Bidding Is Up to $4850

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REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud

Tip 1: Don’t tell him anything that you wouldn’t want shared with the entire world.

Either due to ever increasing legal fees or because he’s such a great conversationalist — and we’re plumping for the former — WikiLeaks has announced that they’re to auction off no fewer than eight seats at “one of London’s finest restaurants” so you can chew the fat with Julian Assange and the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek (Assange is speaking at an event with him at the Troxy hall.)

Per the eBay listing — where at the time of writing, one seat is currently at £3,000 ($4,850) with three days to go — the winning bid gets the full cost of the lunch, taxis from the lunch to the event at the Troxy and a front row seat. How can we ever so delicately put this: We’d hope so, for that price!

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These drastic measures have come about after the likes of Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal stopped processing donations for Assange and WikiLeaks, due to their controversial dumping of diplomatic cables. And so, needs must and all that, hence this rather interesting proposition.

One further word of caution: it’s been said that Assange has often gone long periods without actually eating which, however you want to dice it, is a pretty key ingredient of any successful lunch. That said, at nearly $5,000 a pop, you shouldn’t feel at all guilty about eating his lunch as well as your own. (via Gawker)

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