Students Forced to Return Yearbooks After Explicit Photo Gets Printed

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Steve Cole / Photodisc / Getty Images

Someone is bound to be keeping a copy of this yearbook.

The precious tome that’s supposed to encapsulate the joys and tribulations of adolescence has, this time, perhaps captured it a little bit too well. Big Bear High School just outside of Los Angeles, Calif. has found a picture depicting a tryst lodged smack dab in the middle of their yearbook.

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While the focus of the picture was certainly innocent enough, just out on the wee corner of most people’s eye, something was clearly going on. Unfortunately, it just happened to slip past the eyes of the responsible adults in charge.

The photo in question features one of the high school’s dances. Just in the background of the piece, someone noticed a 17-year-old boy who had inserted his hand “inside the clothing of a 15-year-old girl.” According to San Bernardino police officials, the picture constitutes child pornography and must be removed.

The Los Angeles Times explains why:

According to federal law, any visual depiction of a minor “engaging in sexually explicit conduct” can be considered child pornography. Because of this, officials warn, anyone who still has the photograph could face a criminal charge of possession of child pornography.

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Students are being asked to return their yearbooks, so that the picture can be edited from the yearbook. They’ll be given new ones, but yearbook or no yearbook, it probably won’t erase that memory for years to come.