Defending Darth: Death Star PR Gripes About TIME’s ‘Top 10 Worst Fictional Fathers’ List

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Eduardo Parra / Getty Images

The Galactic Empire is reading TIME! Kind of.

The blog Death Star PR penned an open letter to TIME, protesting our June 17th slideshow which named Star Wars’ Darth Vader the third worst fictional father.

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Rather, the Death Star’s “official public relations division” argues that Vader was actually laser-focused on his son Luke Skywalker: he sent out remote probes to look for Luke when he went missing, amputated his hand to give him an even cooler cyborg hand, and even invited him to help run the family business — meaning, the entire galaxy.  In general, the Dark Lord of Sith was far from a deadbeat dad:

“For almost 20 years, Darth Vader didn’t even know he had children. Did you know that, TIME Magazine? Did you uncover that in your research? But unlike so many other deadbeat dads, the moment he found out, he took responsibility for his son, even saying on camera, ‘Luke, I am your father.’ He didn’t even ask for a paternity test. Would the third worst father ever really do that, TIME Magazine?”

We stand by our slideshow 100%…but we’re still going to ready our lightsabers and keep our eyes peeled for any stormtroopers who might retaliate.

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