Reading While Eating For June 21: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

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China Daily / Reuters

The Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrates its 90th anniversary recently.

NewsFeed has put together an extra long list of links to keep you busy during the longest day of the year.  We hope Mr. Sun stays out all day!

Let The Sun Shine: Check out images of the summer solstice celebrations that took place at sunrise at Stonehenge. (TIME)

Dog Days of Summer: View this classic photo gallery of NYC during the summer of ’69. Cue Bryan Adams. (LIFE)

Today’s History Lesson: Know your facts about the first day of summer. (ABC)

Knowledge is Good: Google is teaming up with the British Library to digitize historical documents from 170 years of history. (TPM)

Raising Eyebrows: A guy with sketchy eyebrows trolls TV interview with U.S. Open winner Rory McIlroy. (Huffington Post)

Nom-Nom-Nom: Watch this foodie’s history of modern warfare. You’ll just eat it up. (Thought Catalog)

Bottoms-Up: There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer’s day, and this Hahn Super Dry beer commercial is enough to make you want a drink. (Gizmodo)

It’s Too Darn Hot: This baby armadillo needs a drink too. (The Daily What)