Tumblr of the Week: Dear Photograph

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Dear Photograph

"Dear Photograph, This was the best day. 650 days and counting… @mrspoultry"

Photography, nostalgia and Tumblr just might be NewsFeed’s new favorite combination.

This week’s Tumblr is Dear Photograph, a sweet photo log which collects recent photos juxtaposed with older photos taken in the exact same location. Each image has a caption beginning, “Dear Photograph,” followed by a memory or a wish for the photographer’s younger self.

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Whether it’s an image of childhood home with a photo showing an earlier version of the same house complete with smiling kids or an image of a beach with a photo showing a since-passed on grandmother on the same beach (horizon or architecture lines line up within the image showing that it’s the same place), the overall effect is nostalgic and sweet.

Sounds a bit meta, we know, but the results are so charming we’ll let it slide. (via Tumblr)

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