Britney Spears Quotes ‘Half Baked,’ Kills Paparazzi in ‘I Wanna Go’ Video

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Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the new Britney Spears video since she released a 30-second teaser clip on Monday. (And by everyone, clearly we mean NewsFeed). And at last, it’s here.

The premise of “I Wanna Go,” directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, is a Star-Gone-Wild rampage where we see Britney tire of the press and paparazzi. So naturally she flips off reporters, flashes fans, canoodles with a cop and takes out some photographers with a microphone cord. You know, typical pop star rebellion stuff. (Her homage to Avril Lavigne’s look can’t possible be an accident, can it?) Oh, and Guillermo Diaz of Weeds and Half Baked fame (the “F**k you, f**k you…” sequence at the beginning is straight from the 1998 stoner movie) acts as her knight in shining armor with a dark secret.

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It’s random, weird and intended to be funny. While not all of the jokes hit the mark (the Brad Pitt’s quintuplets reference just flops) long-time fans are bound to appreciate the gags and gimmicks.

But how does the new video stack up to Britney’s most recent releases from her Femme Fatale album? Let’s break it down, shall we?

“I Wanna Go” continues the futuristic theme that “Hold It Against Me” and “Till The World Ends” relied heavily on. Though this time around the futuristic aspect is slightly more subtle (though much more bizarre) as it’s revealed that the paparazzi are actually cyborgs in disguise.

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And while the product placement is not as in your face as it was in “Hold It Against Me”, we still get some up close shots of the Volkswagen emblem and… milk.

And of course, while it’s disappointing that there’s no dance sequence at all, at least we don’t have to cringe through the half-hearted steps that Britney’s subjected us to in her two previous videos. In fact, despite the lack of dancing, Britney seems pleasantly energetic and spunky in “I Wanna Go” which is a comforting change from her usual blank-eyed look.

So is Britney back? Well if we’ve learned anything from following the life and times of Ms. Spears, it’s that anything can happen — but don’t read too much into it until you see the live performance.