‘Footloose’ Gets a Remake, and We’re Missing The Original Already

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Check out the trailer for the remake of the ’80s dance classic. 

While there is hardly a dance movie known to man that NewsFeed doesn’t love, we’re not sure how we feel about this remake. Set to release in October 2011, the Footloose remake’s trailer seems to cover all of the original’s major plot points: a town stunted by tragedy, a mysterious new guy in town who woos the preacher’s daughter and lots of defiant dancing.

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Yet the feel of the update seems all off. Like a cross between the original and Step Up 2: The Streets with exploding buses thrown in. Sure we get that you gotta keep the kids interested, but surely anyone can find some sort of appreciation for the original:


We’ll reserve final judgment for the movie’s release, though we’re already certain that if they’ve cut the tractor chicken race scene, we won’t be pleased. (via MTV)