Overdue Redesign: Boeing Overhauls the Flight-Attendant Call Button

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Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

As former Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater demonstrated last year, flight attendants can be pushed to their breaking points. So Boeing makes their lives a little easier by relocating and redesigning that poorly placed call button.

The 49th International Paris Air Show has plenty of aircraft flash that means little to the everyday air traveler. But today, Boeing unveiled something that caught the eye of frequent fliers (and flight crews): a redesigned and relocated call button. As part of their reimagining of the best-selling 737 jet, Boeing revealed a flight-attendant button that’s no longer right next to the light button or the adjustable air conditioning vent. Now, on the 737, the call button is a different color, located farther away from the other buttons and is clearly marked as the button to push if you need the flight attendant’s attention.

So travelers no longer have to pretend that they didn’t hit the call button when a flight attendant appears at their side. And hopefully it also means less irritation for flight attendants who already have plenty to look after.

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