Reading While Eating For June 22: Let’s Get Political

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China Stringer / Reuters

Students in graduation robes stand on a stone bridge submerged underwater at the flooded Donghu Lake in Wuhan, Hubei province, June 21, 2011. Torrential rain across southern and eastern China, which has killed more than 100 people and triggered the evacuation of half a million, has left large areas of farmland devastated as food prices surge, state media said on Sunday.

Tonight is the President’s third major address on Afghanistan, so some of today’s links have a political spin.  But you’ll also see a wedding video that will make your head spin, and watch Tom Hanks spin ’round and ’round on a news show.

The Power of the Presidency: There was a crying baby on a rope line, but Barack Obama hushed it by whispering a sweet lullaby about the debt ceiling. (SayOMG)

Girl Power: Browse these photos of female marines in Afghanistan. (LIFE)

A Cranky Christie: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told-off a constituent who asked him why he sends his kids to private school. (POLITICO)

Kittehs! View this mew-ving slideshow of adoptable cats. (TIME)

Best Wedding Video: The “Forever” wedding video is out, and this “Inception” wedding video is in.  (Jezebel)

Lost in Translation: Actor Tom Hanks busts a move during the weather report on Univision. (The Daily What)

Big Poppa Is Watching You: An announcer launches into a bizarre rap when a lacrosse player makes a goal. (New York Magazine)