Airline Nightmare: Delta Passenger Finds Recovered Luggage Reeking of Urine

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Sy Haze says he traveled from London to Minneapolis this week and had his luggage sent to the wrong location three times, only to finally receive it damaged, damp and smelling like urine.

Haze uploaded a YouTube video on June 21 upon receiving his luggage in Minneapolis. The journey of his baggage is as follows: First, it was incorrectly sent to Boston instead of Minneapolis because a Delta ticket agent, as Haze explained, gave him a boarding pass to Boston, even though he was booked on a flight to Minneapolis. Haze noticed the mistake only after his bag had already been sent on the conveyor belt to the Boston-bound flight. The agent, who Haze says complained of being on medication for a toothache, assured him that the bag would be redirected and meet him in Minneapolis.

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It didn’t. The bag went to Boston, where it was then sent back to London. After further complaints, Haze says his luggage was recovered at Heathrow Airport and — get this — sent to Boston again. Eventually, though, Haze did get his bag in Minneapolis.

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of his baggage misadventure. When he received the bag, he noticed a strong smell of urine and felt moisture on several articles of clothing (as he tries to demonstrate in the video). He also shows his toiletry bag with toothpaste smeared all over it and a missing aftershave. A terrible experience already, this problem seems like it would be of the utmost priority for Delta to fix immediately. Haze says no dice. He claims that he was treated rudely and dismissed by Delta customer service.

When NewsFeed contacted Delta today, the airline shared this statement:

“We are talking with the customer to apologize for the misdirected bag and secure information on the condition in which his bag was returned to identify a cause and offer resolution. As it relates to the actual handling of the bag, if anything happened outside of our normal procedures it is unacceptable and will be closely reviewed.”

An airline representative said she could not speak about the possibility that a security screener dog may have urinated on the baggage, because the TSA handles bag checks.

Not that it really matters where the urine came from anyway. Whatever the source, this is despicable situation that Delta has to make sure never happens again. Haze, for one, is going to make sure it never does — on Delta Airlines anyway. He says he will never fly with them again.

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