Reading While Eating For June 23: What’s Trending Worldwide

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Beawiharta Beawiharta / Reuters

A picture of a man swimming is seen on a polluted river as a worker collects rubbish from a bamboo raft beside it, in Jakarta June 22, 2011. Indonesian artist Fanny Octavianus placed a picture of a man swimming on a polluted river in protest against the pollution of the river in the capital, to mark the 484th anniversary of the city today.

Today’s links showcase what’s trending in the West, the East and more.  And check out the video about the stuff that keeps the industrial world going — not money, but coffee!

What You Didn’t Hear in Obama’s Speech Last Night: The U.S. will still follow Afghanistan on Twitter. (Borowitz Report)

Meme of the Week: An xkcd web comic inspired this Tumblr of Vice President Joe Biden munching on sandwiches. (Washington Post)

Panda Pups: The latest craze in China is dyeing dogs to look like pandas. (CNN)

From Rant to Restaurant: A new Chinese take-out joint “Ching-Chong-Ling-Long” opened in L.A., inspired by an ex-UCLA student’s racist rant about Asians in the university library. (LA Times)

Remembering Hedwig: In light of Pottermore’s debut, click through these photos of the coolest owls. (LIFE)

Get Out The Popcorn: Richard Corliss picks the 25 all-time best animated films. (TIME)

Coffee Addicts Unite: You won’t feel guilty about your caffeine addiction after watching this ode to the cup of Joe. (The Daily What)