Crowdsourced Tribute to Michael Jackson Features Thousands of Fans’ Moves

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Somewhere, the King of Pop is moonwalking to this video. Can you feel it?

On June 16, Epic Records released the music video for the single “Behind the Mask,” from Michael Jackson’s posthumous album “Michael,” which came out in December 2010. Grammy-nominated director Dennis Liu strung together video entries from 1,600 fans worldwide, and the piece is as smooth to watch as MJ’s dance steps.

(SPECIAL: Michael Jackson: 1958-2009)

Fans — human and animal alike — did their best impersonations of the star, mimicking his signature facial expressions, his gestures, his dance moves, and his style of dress.  You just can’t beat this tribute. It will make you wanna get up and dance.  And if any of your co-workers ask what in the world you are doing, just blame it on the boogie.

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