Can Monaco’s Future Princess Step Out of Kate and Grace’s Shadow?

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Tony Barson / Getty Images

Poor Charlene Wittstock – it’s her moment to marry longtime bachelor Prince Albert II and become a princess of Monaco, but she is living in the shadow of other royal beauties.

The former Olympic swimmer is following Grace Kelly, whose 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier III is still admired today. And of course, the world is still fixated on Kate Middleton, who recently wed Britain’s Prince William.

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But still, Monégasques are still eagerly awaiting their new princess, reports The Washington Post. The 53-year-old Prince Albert has been romantically linked to some very eligible ladies, and the country is very excited that he is finally making it official with Charlene.

The ceremonies will be held over two days in the same palace the ruling Grimaldi dynasty has lived since the 15th century. And the guest list is a star-studded array of the rich and powerful. A fireworks display will even top the program.

She may not be Kate Middleton or Grace Kelly, but Wittstock will still celebrate her big day with a grand party fit for a princess.

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