Reading While Eating For June 27: Born This Way

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A little girl dressed as "Smurfette" attends a promotional event in Mexico City

Today’s links are about pride: the gay pride that comes from New York’s vote Friday to legalize same-sex marriage, the motherly pride that comes from a little boy calling his Mom from Obama’s limo, and the hometown pride that comes from a teen rapping about the good life.  And we included some Disney movie pride too.

Teens: See photos of gay teens in America. (TIME)

Pro-Con: See where your favorite celebrities stand on same-sex marriage. (LIFE)

In Case You Were Wondering:  New Jersey will not be the seventh state to legalize gay marriage, according to Governor Chris Christie on Meet the Press yesterday. (New York Magazine)

Prank-Caller-in-Chief: President Obama lets a lucky young boy dial his Mom from the presidential limo. (No, he didn’t ask for a campaign donation.) (Daily Mail)

Monday Mix: This remix of Disney movies will get your week off to a sweet start. (Videogum)

It’s a Hard Knock (Upper Middle Class) Life:  Watch this guy rap about his “First World Problems.” (The Daily What)