Reading While Eating For June 28: Living for the City

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Jim Urquhart / Reuters

The Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest in the United States and third largest in the world, is seen in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, June 22, 2011

As the Stevie Wonder title implies, today’s links showcase sweet, sensational, and smelly happenings in the world’s cities.

Cities That Never Sleep: A new study says people in urban areas are more stressed-out than people who live in rural areas. Maybe it’s because they have to shell out $10 for sandwiches, and pay $5 for a round-trip subway fare, and share an apartment with four people, and wake up to trucks backfiring, and …  (Healthland)

A City Divided: But if you like all that number crunching, visit the nation’s first math museum opening in Manhattan next year (already nicknamed MoMath). (New York Times)

A S***ty City: Researchers in Italy are going through 2,000-year-old sacks of human waste and garbage to find out more about life in Ancient Rome. (National Geographic)

The Sounds of Cities: Discover what denizens of world cities are listening to on their MP3 players. (BuzzFeed)

Cheapest Cities: See which cities boast the most inexpensive cost of living. (TIME)

City Arts: A Somerville, Mass., artist has created cameos out of the cream filling in Oreos. Go on, play with your food. (The Daily What)

Green Cities: Check out photos of the world’s great urban parks. (LIFE)

Bright Lights, Big City: Watch 8,000 lanterns fly over the city of Poznan, Poland, during a summer solstice festival.  Disney fans will think the event resembles the lantern scene in Tangled. (New York Magazine)