Will Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Character Be Killed Off Violently?

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Brian Kersey / AP

Charlie Sheen waves to fans as he leaves the Chicago Theatre in April 2011.

Just like he steered his career off a cliff, reports indicate his TV character might meet a similar demise. Literally.

Ashton Kutcher is signed on to replace the now-fired Sheen on his CBS show Two and a Half Men. But this is television, and there are viewers to satisfy. Producer Chuck Lorre wants to ensure continuity between seasons, even without the show’s former star. That means scripting a plausible story line to mark the demise of Sheen’s character Charlie Harper.

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And by one account, Lorre is looking to make said demise as violent as possible, not an unexpected act after Sheen’s anti-Semitic comments toward Lorre, his former boss. Lorre and other producers tell TMZ that they’re considering having Charlie Harper drive off a cliff. With a guaranteed death for Sheen’s character, it would mean he could never return to the show.

As for Kutcher’s entrance on the show, he might replace the embattled Vatican warlock assassin by potentially buying Charlie’s house after his death. But sources say that the script isn’t finalized and subject to change at any time. Or are they just trying to keep their options open while they dream up additional violent scenarios?

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