Fashion Friday: Kate’s Wedding Dress for Under $100 and Other Style Scoop

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NewsFeed’s Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion.

Good News for Galliano. Supermodel Kate Moss got married in England today, and she walked down the aisle in an embellished sleeveless gown designed by John Galliano, the British fashion designer currently on trial for alleged anti-Semitic remarks. [Fashionista]

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As for that other Kate. After producing a $25 version of Kate Middleton’s engagement dress, Peacocks will now release a knockoff of her wedding gown for just under $100. The dress, which has short sleeves unlike Middleton’s actual gown, will be available on the retailer’s site August 7 and is expected to sell out instantly. [The Telegraph]

Don’t discount Pippa, either. The younger Middleton sister wore this red shift to Wimbleton earlier this week, and—surprise!—the dress sold out immediately. [InStyle]

John Malkovich, fashion designer. The actor is the latest celebrity to launch a clothing line. [THR]

They say less is more. And we think there’s no better argument for natural beauty than this video, in one year’s worth of makeup is applied to a model’s face over nine hours. That’s three lipsticks, seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of cream blush and two bottles of eyeshadow, for those keeping count. [Jezebel]

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