Texas Housewife Wins TV’s Heart with Talent and Adorable Personality

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Ever seen an amazing operatic singer who also snorts? Meet Cindy Chang, a quirky 42-year-old homemaker who took America’s Got Talent by storm.

The self-described “unemployed” homemaker and ex-technical writer has a bubbly personality and the cutest snorts you’ve can’t help but love. She also sips olive oil before she sings to lubricate her chords.

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The quirky, adorable housewife came on to the show to live the dream she had put off for decades. She explained to the judges that her parents vetoed her dream of becoming a singer. When she began vocal training in her twenties, her teacher told her it was too late for success.

But fortunately, in this era of reality television, Cindy had her chance for redemption. When she took the stage of America’s Got Talent, she beautifully belted out Puccini’s aria, proving completely wrong her parents, teachers and any former naysayers. On the final note, emotion took over: she broke down to tears of joy as the audience cheered.  Even the judges were wowed, with Piers Morgan offering a standing ovation.

With three happy “yes” votes, the judges sent her to Sin City to continue living her dream in the next round of the competition. And that makes NewsFeed smile.

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