Gay and Lesbian Lessons May Be Mandatory in California

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If Gov. Jerry Brown signs a new California bill, gay education might soon make its way into state textbooks. It would also be the first time a state has made gay education compulsory.

The bill, SB 48, would require California public schools to acknowledge the accomplishments of gays, lesbians and transgender Americans to be included in its teaching materials. Approved by the state Senate, it passed the California State Assembly yesterday with a 49-25 vote.

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Brown, who has taken no public stance on the issue, has 12 days to sign or veto the bill. If he takes no action within the time frame, the bill automatically becomes law.

Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly from San Bernardino argued that the bill was promoting a “homosexual agenda,” and cited that it offended his religious sensibilities.

On the other hand, the measure received a bit of support as well, with lawmakers hoping that it will reduce bullying and sexual discrimination. Openly gay Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who voted for the bill, noted to his colleagues that, “I don’t want to be invisible in a textbook.”

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