Introducing the Newest Rare Animal Hybrid: The Donkra

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What’s going on at the zoos over in China?

Recently, we told you about a litter of ligers (those are lion/tigress hybrids, for those who are catching up) that were born at China’s Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo and found themselves an unsuspecting surrogate mother: A black dog. Now, we bring you another fascinating and bizarre cross-animal creation: The donkra.

This hybrid is the offspring of a male donkey and female zebra, and was born at the Xiamen Haicang Zoo in southeast China on Sunday. With striped zebra-like legs, a brown donkey-esque body and big black eyes, the odd child is said to be doing just fine after some minor complications during the birth, besides being quite wobbly on its little legs.

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According to staffers, the zebra, donkeys and sheep all roam freely at the zoo, which led to a natural pairing of the park’s only zebra with a male donkey.

While there’s been some hilarious confusion over the monikers given to the baby — is it a zonkey? A zedonk? What about a zebrass? — the 65-pound animal is now delighting zoo visitors, and of course, the wider world, with its unusual charms.

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