Fashion Friday: Pens With Nail Polish for Ink and Other Style Scoop

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NewsFeed’s Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion.

In case regular pen ink is just too lowbrow for your needs. Karl Lagerfeld is designing a set of luxury pens that dispense nail polish. The fashion designer and creative director of Chanel is notorious for using Shu Uemura makeup to sketch his designs. [WWD]

Cheap and chic. This Michigan woman won the 7th annual toilet paper wedding dress contest with a strapless dress made of packing tape, hot glue and four rolls of toilet paper. Congrats! [The Cut]

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There’s a future for Galliano yet. He may have lost his creative director post at Dior (a result of his alleged anti-Semitic remarks), but the London designer is rumored to be creating a collection for Topshop. [Vogue UK]

Vibram vs. the U.S. Army. Those FiveFingers running shoes (you know, the ones that look like jelly foot gloves) have been banned from the Army because they “detract from a professional military image. [Gear Junkie]

Middleton Malfunction. The Duchess had a Lindsay Lohan-esque moment with her dress as she arrived in windy Calgary on Thursday. [Gawker]

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