FBI Investigation: Stun Gun Found on JetBlue Plane in Newark Airport

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Scott Olson / Reuters

Usually members of flight crew find smartphones, e-readers and discarded magazines in seat-back pockets. This time crew members found something they probably weren’t expecting.

After all 96 passengers disembarked from a JetBlue plane that landed in Newark from Boston on Friday night, a member of the cleaning staff found a stun gun. A spokesman from the FBI’s Newark office was quick to rule out an imminent attack, though he provided no evidence to back his claim. FBI agents have identified the passenger who was seated where the stun gun was found in a seat-back pocket, but did not disclose the person’s name in the ongoing investigation.

Reports say that the stun gun was designed to look like a cell phone, which could possibly explain how it got through a security checkpoint undetected.

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