Tumblr of the Week: We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!!

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Image via We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!!

Remember those cheesy elementary class photos with the 80s-style lasers? This Tumblr sure does.

This week’s Tumblr is the amazingly-named  We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!!, a collection of school pictures with the classic laser background. If you are a child of the ’80s or early ’90s, then you definitely recognize this look. In fact, you probably have a photo of your own buried in some closet at your mom’s house.

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While it’s obvious that nothing says “awkward childhood photo” quite like a laser background (while also conjuring up images of braces, big bangs and patterned sweaters), we were still startled to see just how many different kinds of laser backgrounds there were. Sure, we all remember the classic look but there was also the scenery lasers, the sunburst lasers and the crazy lasers. It’s amazing.

This Tumblr gives us so much pleasure, we’re kind of finding ourselves wishing that lasers were still used in photos. (via Tumblr)

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