Listen Now: ‘Pop Culture’ Mashup Combines 39 Songs in Three Minutes

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Gotta Dance Dirty

Thirteen tracks a minute? During summer, you say? What’s not to like?

A 17-year-old French DJ named Madeon just made our week by putting together some of pop music’s best examples of the medium in a frantic mashup.

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The way he does it is by using a sample pad, which is hooked up to a program called Ableton. There’s not too much else to say at this juncture, as we want to let you experience the 39 tracks for yourself without a pesky thing such as “words” getting in the way. Need an example of how good this is going to sound? The segue from Daft Punk to Madonna and into The Gossip is simply sublime.

But two final observations before you kick back and enjoy. Firstly, props to Madeon for not forgetting music’s heritage as he also incorporates The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star” (the first ever song played on MTV, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on August 1). But NewsFeed also implores you to look to France’s near neighbor, Belgium, for the finest exponents of mashups. Because if you like what Madeon’s doing, your mind is going to be blown by 2manydjs, who you may also know as Soulwax. The only remaining issue is how much of this you can get away with listening to in the workplace. (via CBS)

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