Check Out Hilarious Tweets from Dumbledore on Dumblebrag

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The headmaster of Harry Potter joins twitter—with some tech-travail at first.

Turns out, the all-knowing undergoes his share of mundane predicament as we muggles do—and he’s not afraid to tweet them to more than 2,000 followers.

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The very first tweet reveals he is a computer klutz: “ I can crumble mountains, dry the oceans, and set the heavens ablaze, but somehow I can’t figure out twitter.”

He puts forth a problem in the romance department: “How is it that I continue to get random marriage proposals? Sorry, ladies, wrong tree.

And a hygienic one: “There are many things to love about being an old and revered wizard. Beard lice is not one of them.” (Ew.)

Wait a minute, anyone sense ego in those tweets?

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The name Dumblebrag is actually a play on Harris Wittels’ Twitter feed called Humblebrag, a compilation of what the comedian calls “false humility” tweets. Wittels told the Wall Street Journal that humble bragging is show-off in disguise that “allows the offender to boast his ‘achievements,” fishing for envy or validation.

Well, what else is social media good for? Can’t deny the old sorcerer is a self-promoter too (again, just like us muggles). Doesn’t it make the old guy more endearing?

See more of the Hogwarts don’s humblebragging on his new Twitter.

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