Hear it Here: Blink-182 Releases First Song in Six Years

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Blink-182's Facebook page / David Choe

The cover art for Blink-182's latest single, "Up All Night"

Correction appended.

Of  “All The Small Things,” this is not one of them. This is big.
Blink-182, a pop/punk/rock group from the 90s premiered its latest single Thursday, the first new song from the group since they broke up in 2005.The announcement came from their Facebook page, which received over 8,ooo “likes.”

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The song, “Up All Night,” premiered on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ 106.7 FM at 5pm PST/8pm EST last night. Two hours later, the group reported via Facebook and Twitter that the song was available on their official site.

Though originally scheduled to play on Friday at 7:30am,* the song’s premier was moved earlier, according to bassist Mark Hoppus’ Twitter account, whose all-capital tweets simply exuded excitement. Blink-182’s latest single is two years in the making since the group reunited in 2009.

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The band is also working on a new, self-produced album, which has not yet been named, and is due to Geffen Records by July 31. They will be playing some of the songs on the Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance starting August 5. It will be their first released album in eight years.

“I really think we have a tremendous, diverse palette. We will have the album that I think is really modern and relevant to where we are in our career,” Hoppus told Billboard.

“Up All Night” will be available on Amazon on July 15, and the site currently has a 30-second sample.

Update  7/18

Hoppus announced via Google + on July 15 that their new album will be called “Neighbors,” and release is “tentatively” set for September 27.

“Up All Night” is now available on iTunes for $1.29.

Correction: A previous edition of this article stated that the original release time of “Up All Night” was going to be 7:30pm. Newsfeed apologizes for the mistake. We were too busy rocking out to the new Blink single.