Lady Gaga’s Album “Born This Way” No Longer Banned in China

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There are many things the Chinese authorities don’t seem to like: anti-patriotism, time travel and Lady Gaga. But it seems like they’ve finally decided to give the pop singer a pass this time.

China has finally decided to lift its ban on Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way. It was banned from retail shelves because officials disliked the “offensive” nature of its pro-gay content.

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The news came from the superstar herself, when she tweeted:

More MonsterNews! The ban on sale of BORN THIS WAY in China has been lifted! Our trip to Asia has been enlightening+promising. Stand strong!

China is not alone in its dislike of Gaga’s album. Lebanon banned the album for similar reasons. Still, Lady Gaga remains popular in the Communist country – even its netizens have replaced the oh popular “Oh my god” with a new phrase, giving rise to “Oh my Lady Gaga.”

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Gaga announced an Asian tour for the album next year in a Taiwan stop earlier this month. No dates have been announced yet and there’s no word if Lady Gaga herself will be making her way to the mainland. Here’s to hoping it won’t turn out to be a bad romance if she does.

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