Two-Headed Snake Featured in Ukrainian Zoo

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Predictably, this thing is terrifying.

A zoo in the Ukraine is displaying an albino California Kingsnake with a unique feature: it has an extra head. Just how unique is this reptilian monstrosity? According to MSNBC a two-headed snake is quite rare as the Ukrainian zoo only sees one approximately every 50 years–there’s no word on how often they see snakes with more than two heads though, so be on the look out.

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Keep in mind that though the snake seems tame from the video above, this slider doesn’t behave like a singular being. The zoo keepers report that despite being of one body, these particular heads “think, react and eat separately.” Even more disturbing is that “at meal time, sometimes the two heads compete with each other for food,” MSNBC reports. “Because of that, zoo workers have put a barrier between the heads when feeding the snake.” This is not only a terrifying image, but also all the confirmation NewsFeed needs that snakes will eat absolutely anything, even if it’s their own bodies. This, folks, is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

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