WATCH: The 405 Freeway Slowly Shuts Down on L.A. Traffic Camera

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ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

A view facing north over the 405 freeway from the Sunset Blvd overpass in Los Angeles, July 14, 2011.

Enjoying Carmageddon from the comfort of your home? See the poor souls trying to cross the Sepulveda Pass before it’s officially blocked at midnight.

Click here to see the Caltrans traffic camera.

The California Department of Transportation has numerous cameras spread across its freeways to monitor traffic flow. But the one trained on the 405 is sure to be eerily – and gloriously – blank after midnight tonight.

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The Caltrans team managing the Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project is already reporting the closure many of the main on-ramps to the 405 in the affected area. And the traffic cams prove it. For a Friday during the evening commute, the well-traveled road is starkly empty. Will many Angelenos heed the warnings to stay home? Perhaps these traffic cameras will tell the tale.

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