‘The Undefeated’ Fails To Defeat The Box Office: Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Audience

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REUTERS/Rick Scuteri

The Undefeated is proving an ironic title choice. 

The two-hour Sarah Palin political documentary (or infomercial, whichever you prefer) showed to an empty room in Orange County, reports The Atlantic. The movie, which was surprisingly not a parody, has so far received an overwhelming 0% on the movie review website, rottentomatoes.com, a feat which pools it with such classics as ‘Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol’ as well as ‘Fred: the Movie’.

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And to add insult to, well, insult, The Los Angeles Times reports that the founder of The Razzies, otherwise known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, commented that Sarah Palin was ‘what the Razzies are all about.’ A Razzie nod for Worst Film would put The Undefeated on par with The Love Guru and Gigli. But only time will tell — the Razzies are held the day before the Academy Awards.

Perhaps its 0% rating is a hint to bring tomatoes to the movie theaters — that is, if you even decide to turn up.