Cleveland Church Holds Mock Retrial of Casey Anthony

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Joe Burbank / Getty Images

Casey Anthony, left, speaks to her attorney Dorothy Clay Sims before her sentencing on charges of lying to police at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando on July 7, 2011

Because the first time around wasn’t grueling enough, right?

After the real jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, a church in Cleveland held their own court, staging a mock retrial of the case during their Sunday service.

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While many people and media outlets across the country reacted with outrage over Anthony’s verdict (not just Nancy Grace, though she’s been among the most vocal), there weren’t quite as many so eager to rehash the trial’s dirty details (except, of course, Nancy Grace).

Yet at the “In Touch With Christ Christian Center”, congregants dived right in as twelve parishioners acted as the jury and were led through the case by Reverend Una Keenon, “a retired municipal court judge for East Cleveland” reports WJW-TV. Before the mock jury reached their decision, Keenon reminded them what was at stake in the capital case: Casey Anthony’s life. If found guilty, the jury would be the ones to ensure that Anthony was sentenced to death.

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But it seemed that a guilty verdict wasn’t any easier the second time around, as the mock trial resulted in a hung jury, with eight parishioners voting guilty and four voting not guilty.

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