‘My Moment’: Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Followup Has All the Auto-Tune You Expected

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Proving she does indeed understand production values, Black follows up the gloriously bad “Friday” with “My Moment.” But her newest attempt won’t be swallowed any better than her original.

The 14-year-old follows up her love-to-hate-it “Friday” with a much better effort: a poppier, professionally-produced video. Called “My Moment,” Black takes a more mature look at her life, shunning the parties and seat-choosing that comes so difficultly to a tween. Instead, she reflects on the unexpectedly bright spotlight that has been cast on her over the past few months in a song that seems stuck between a wannabe-pop song and dance club anthem.

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“My Moment”, while certainly containing more thoughtful lyrics than her first musical endeavor, still maintains the silliness that we’ve come to expect. She flips her hair around and blows bubbles. And she even calls out her “Friday” haters: “I’m doing big things, I hope you’re happy because I’m about to blow up.”

While we don’t expect Rebecca to owe Ark Music Factory anything for this one, without a doubt she paid handsomely for the Auto-Tune that pervades the song. Listen at your own will – or at least turn down the treble.

So, does this make her a legitimate recording artist now, and not just a flash in the pan? Is this her “moment,” or is Rebecca Black here to stay? (Maybe she’d have a better chance if all her songs were slowed down.)

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