Watch: Hero Chihuahua Chases Away Two Armed Robbers

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Paco is a 10-pound Chihuahua. But when he’s angry, you’d better run.

In the July 7 surveillance video released by L.A. County sheriff, a man holding an open backpack enters Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena Calif., followed by another carrying a gun. The hooded men demand money and threaten the cashier with the gun. All of a sudden, a dog runs out barking furiously at them. The man pointing the gun almost forgets to take the money when the dog jumps and bites his legs. The other man, also disoriented by Paco’s attack, barely reminds his partner to get the money. As the flustered bandits grab for the bag and hastily shuffle out, the dog fearlessly chases after them.

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Originally a rescue dog, Paco has been a loyal companion to the shop owner Eric Knight for five years. Knight, who wasn’t at the shop during the incident, was amazed and proud of his pal when he saw the video. “I’m going to put a cape on him, I think,” he told KABC.

Paco, who likes to take strolls around the neighborhood visiting shops and garnering occasional treats, is now a neighborhood hero. Cecil Griffin, a neighbor, expressed surprise. “Normally, he’s really laid-back. He’s just sitting back taking it easy,” Griffin said about Paco.

No one was injured from the incident, but the police are still looking for the suspect.

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